Q.Why should I hire a designer?
A.A designer can work with your ideas and budget to transform a particular space with a one-of-a-kind design.
Q.What is the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator?
A.Education. Designers can provide services that a decorator is not qualified to do. Designers have the education and ability to work with architects and builders in space planning, dimensioning and spacing, for rooms that will be aesthetically pleasing and architecturally correct. An interior designer is a professional who incorporates traditional decoration but goes beyond that, using knowledge of environmental psychology, architecture and product design in the creation process.
Q.Can I afford an interior designer?
A.Suzanne Titus works with clients regardless of their budget and often finds smaller budget jobs more challenging and rewarding because she needs to be more creative to develop a one-of-a-kind design with limited resources.
Q.Will a designer listen to my ideas?
A.Yes, a good designer always will. Suzanne Titus is committed to designing spaces that fit your needs and visions, not her own.
Q.What can I expect if I hire a designer?
A.With Suzanne Titus Interior Design, you can expect to have a significant role in the design process from the initial ideas to the finished project. To that end, we have developed a two-page design tool to assist homeowners and commercial clients in turning their ideas and visions into a reality. The process helps clients break down the areas of a project into percentages indicating where they would like emphasis placed.
Q.Am I going to have to get rid of all my stuff and buy new stuff?
A.At Suzanne Titus Interior Design, you are the boss. If there are things you love, heirlooms you treasure that you want to incorporate into you new design, then thatís what we do.
Q.Can I use my own contractors or seamstresses if the project warrants it?
A.Absolutely. We are happy to work with anyone you desire. However, if you do not have a relationship with these types of service providers, we are happy to provide recommendations.